Welcome to the Curriculum Specialist Program!

Curriculum Specialist: Master of Arts Degree
Major Code: 416A

This 33-credit-hour Master of Arts degree program will prepare you to become a curriculum instructional specialist whose primary concern is the improvement of learning opportunities for students. The degree develops your leadership to advise administrators and teachers on curriculum development, instruction and staff development. You will gain instructional expertise, knowledge of learners, research skills and content knowledge, as well as professional and leadership development.

The program is in compliance with the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (DPI) requirements leading to North Carolina Licensure as a curriculum-instructional specialist. Students must have a teaching license to be admitted.

For information on applying to this online program, please visit the Graduate School's admissions webpage.

Please take a moment to explore our links. If you have further questions about the program, please email Dr. Shanan Fitts, fittss@appstate.edu