Frequently Asked Questions About the Curriculum Specialist Program

What is TK20 and how do I access it?

TK20 is an assessment system that allows students to upload their work in course-based assignments and portfolios and faculty members to assess those assignments in a longitudinal database (e.g. the student's assessments are housed for seven years). Most commonly, TK20 is used to track common assignments for the College of Education's Teacher Education program and may be accessed here:

May I transfer graduate credits into the program from another university?

Credit may be transferred in for the Curriculum Specialist program with advisor approval and by following the Graduate School guidelines.

Is it possible to complete the 80-hour internship (in CI 5910) while I am teaching full time?

Yes, most of our students work on their internship hours after school and during the beginning of the first summer session. Central office supervisors are typically flexible with assignments so that hours may be accumulated outside of the school day.

Is there a POL required for the add-on licensure?